Monitor. Debug. Optimize.

Error tracking, uptime, server and performance monitoring for Laravel applications.

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Uptime and SSL/TLS certificate monitoring

Track your application's HTTP(S) accessibility from multiple geographical points. Get notifications when your certificates are about to expire or your application fails to serve HTTPS traffic due to an expired or misconfigured certificate.

Performance monitoring & error tracking

Inspect code and database query performance, track issues and performance of all of your application's entry points (requests, queue jobs, Artisan commands). Get a head start before your users flood your support channels.

Server monitoring

Monitor server resources (CPU, RAM, load, disk space) and running Linux services. Find patterns, plan ahead and get notified when your monitored services fail.
Built for Laravel
We love and use Laravel for most of our projects. That's why Larashed is built with Laravel for Laravel.
Take a look at our demo application to see what Larashed looks like once you set it up.

You are in good company

Larashed is equipped with the most needed features to maintain your Laravel projects.
The setup process is very fast and super easy. Larashed helped us figure out a few issues on the very first day of deployment.
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Eimantas Norkūnas
Larashed is an out-of-the-box monitoring solution perfectly suited for our prototype web projects. I really recommend it for SMBs.
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Valdas Petrulis
Developer/Co-founder Mysterium Network
We love the simplicity of Larashed. We're monitoring our entire application with a single Artisan command. This is the Laravel way.
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Justas Maziliauskas

Simple setup

Real-time monitoring is only a couple of steps away.
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Get real-time reports
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What’s new

Thanks to you, we're busy working on features you requested. Here are some of the things that we recently changed.

Version 1.6.0

🔌 Agent Integration page revamp

New features
  • Finished testing container metric collection and monitoring
  • New installation instructions for Laravel Forge, Linux and Docker

Version 1.5.1

🖌 Website and app UI tweaks

  • Design debt: Minor layout adjustments, component style fixes