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Uptime and SSL/TLS certificate monitoring

Track your application's HTTP(S) accessibility from multiple geographical points. Get notifications when your certificates are about to expire or your application fails to serve HTTPS traffic due to an expired or misconfigured certificate.

Performance monitoring & error tracking

Inspect code and database query performance, track issues and performance of all of your application's entry points (requests, queue jobs, Artisan commands). Get a head start before your users flood your support channels.

Server monitoring

Monitor server resources (CPU, RAM, load, disk space) and running Linux services. Find patterns, plan ahead and get notified when your monitored services fail.

Built for Laravel applications

by Laravel developers for Laravel developers.
and more coming

Unhandled exceptions

Larashed tracks unhandled errors, groups them and notifies you of recurring issues. Forget tailing logs and notification spam, we have solved this for you.

In-depth error analysis

Get full debugging information for your errors. View exceptions, entry point details and surrounding information.

Upcoming features

Log search & analysis tools

Search and analyse your application logs, create alert policies and aggregate log data.

Customizable uptime checks

Monitor custom ports, URLs and protocols.

Configurable server resource monitoring

Define your own set of rules for server resources.

Configure alerts with custom intervals and usage percentages.